Our Mission

“S.T.E.M. Education through Aviation”

Fly to Learn is dedicated to enriching the classroom learning environment regardless of social status. We provide a cost effective, revolutionary technology platform and engaging learning tool that promotes the principles of S.T.E.M.

About Us

STEM for students of all ages & backgrounds.


Using X-Plane, students and teachers can quickly build and fly airplanes, testing out new ideas in rapid fashion. Using X-Plane means students spend more time on science and engineering and less time waiting for glue to dry.

Proven, real-world software partnership.


Using our curriculum, students learn engineering by successfully designing, building, and flying virtual planes using the X-Plane software. X-Plane uses blade element theory to create a very affordable simulator that is ultra-realistic.

Affordable with nothing extra needed.

Plug & Play

Our software is designed to run on your existing computers. No special equipment needed!

Teachers & administrators love our resources.


Fly to Learn is created by teaching professionals and the engineers at X-Plane to foster student interest in science, technology, engineering, and math through exciting aviation-based lessons.


“STEM teachers sit down! Socrates is dead”

Tom Dubick, founder of Fly to Learn, discusses the future of STEM education in the Ted Talk below. Read Article

What they say

  • “I teach at a Title 1 middle school in Anchorage, Alaska where 100% of students are either on free or reduced lunches.  Clark Middle School students are a diverse population with well over 40 languages spoken.  My aviation class is a semester elective of 7th & 8th graders and very popular with an average of over 30 students.  We do a wide range of engineering activities but the favorite of all the students is Fly to Learn, Powered by X-Plane. The Fly To Learn lessons do a good job of pulling students into understanding some complex concepts about flying.  In addition, the Aviation Challenge will be the perfect hook for some of the students that I find in my class who enjoy a competitive challenge!”

    Lydia Milton

  • “I teach a lively bunch of 6th graders at Officer Donald J. Marquez Charter School in Chicago. When I introduced my 11 and 12 year old students to Fly to Learn, they were captivated. One student blurted out, “Where can I get my hands on this?!” Fly to Learn is a great project-based learning tool which wraps students up into a real-world problem. It puts purpose and a sense of urgency into learning! I have little experience in aviation, and I don’t consider myself a physics pro, but the material is accessible to all teachers!”

    Kate Seversen

  • “I have been involved in Project Based Learning for several years now. Your Fly to Learn program is excellent and is just what our students need to make the connection with real life. It is challenging, engaging, and is a lot of fun for the students. I have taught a flight simulator program before but I always felt something was missing. You have added the element of math and physics that connect your program to national standards and motivate and inspires the students to pursue STEM career paths. I would recommend the Fly to Learn program for any school curriculum.”

    Michael L Reynolds

  • “My organization has to sneak the science into the program. The kids really just want to fly simulators! We had a 7th grade girl who came in just because we were there. She really was not that interested in aviation. After playing and learning the basics of takeoff she was able to land by herself. Admittedly she was going too fast. But she touched down smoothly at cruise speed. We explained she had to pull the throttle back to slow down first. She then—on her own—began helping some of the younger kids learn to fly. At the end of the hour she said, “You know, the faster I fly, the more lift I have.” We had turned on the lift vectors. Wow!! These kids are from single parent families and are at our school because they do not fit in the public schools. They come here and do homework for an hour, have dinner, and if they are inclined to Fly to Learn. This may be the only meal that get that day. Thank you guys for your help.”

    Fred Q.

Aviation Challenge

Join 2017’s virtual fly-off!

Each year the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) hosts a virtual event where Fly To Learn teams apply what they have learned from the program to design, build and fly an aircraft delivering the maximum payload as quickly and efficiently as possible. The winning team gets a once in a lifetime, all-expenses-paid opportunity to experience general aviation manufacturing firsthand. Learn More


2016 contest winners

School of His, Los Angeles

Build airplanes with your students.

Help your students learn S.T.E.M by designing, building, and flying virtual airplanes. Order Online