Fly to Learn is timelessly effective

Fly to Learn is an inquiry-based S.T.E.M Program with real world scenarios proven to be instantly exciting. Fly to Learn utilizes the critically-acclaimed flight simulator X-Plane, known for  extraordinary graphics and realistic physics.

It’s easy to get up & running. Designed for older systems.

Our software is very affordable even in today’s budget and runs on your existing computers with no special hardware needed. There are no disposables, and we provide extensive teacher and classroom support. Fly to Learn is a low-cost and engaging way to promote your school’s involvement with S.T.E.M. education.

Comes with curriculum, worksheets, and more.

We provide teachers with traditional evaluation materials, and we will work with our partners to develop an extensive independent evaluation plan to help us improve the program and to ensure students’ success.

Build airplanes with your students.

Help your students learn S.T.E.M by designing, building, and flying virtual airplanes.

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