My organization has to sneak the science into the program. The kids really just want to fly simulators!

We had a 7th grade girl who came in just because we were there. She really was not that interested in aviation. After playing and learning the basics of takeoff she was able to land by herself. Admittedly she was going too fast. But she touched down smoothly at cruise speed. We explained she had to pull the throttle back to slow down first.

She then—on her own—began helping some of the younger kids learn to fly. At the end of the hour she said, “You know, the faster I fly, the more lift I have.” We had turned on the lift vectors. Wow!!

These kids are from single parent families and are at our school because they do not fit in the public schools. They come here and do homework for an hour, have dinner, and if they are inclined to Fly to Learn. This may be the only meal that get that day.

Thank you guys for your help.